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Qolo Launches INTERACT Embedded Processing Features and Platform Licensing Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Qolo launched its INTERACT embedded processing features and platform licensing solutions with its 100 percent native cloud ability. 

FREMONT, CA: Qolo, the B2B payments portal for the New Economy, finally launched its INTERACT embedded processing features and platform licensing solutions with its 100 percent native cloud ability, an industry first. Qolo has launched its INTERACT embedded processing ability in response to the payment industry challenges of implementing complicated integrations and transaction processes that negatively impact customers. The feature allows Fintech businesses to engage in all payment forms in the payment authorization and funding processes.

"For quite some time, the industry has been in desperate need of stronger infrastructure to improve speed, security and functionality that support the demand for flexible omnichannel payments," said Darren Beyer, Chief Product Officer for Qolo. "Qolo has established a new standard for Fintech by providing these enhanced payment capabilities. Our clients have been very receptive and positive about our embedded processing solutions."

Embedded processing helps businesses to build their systems around payment features. They're willing to:

• Fund individual transactions from different sources based on client rules.

• Add their own rules and logic to both the authorization and funding of any transaction - acquiring, issuing, money-in and money-out.

• Offer card and payment access to any client-side pool of value (crypto, loyalty, credit lines, exchanges, accounts).
Qolo is also releasing its platform licensing solutions. With its next-generation platform, the company has moved the payment industry, being the first to develop and deploy virtualized HSMs (host service modules), leading in the first real 100 percent native cloud offering processing platform. The infrastructure helps Qolo to quickly and securely license the entire cloud stack for Fintech businesses looking to bring payment processing in-house.

"Previous payments platform licensing options were hardware-based and took months, if not years, to provision and roll out," said Qolo CEO Patricia Montesi. "We can roll out a new instance in less than a day. While others in the industry can talk about being in the cloud, Qolo is the first to be truly cloud-native. This brings unique performance, scale, and deployment advantages."