Qualcomm Invents New Technologies in its Retail Tech Division
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Qualcomm Invents New Technologies in its Retail Tech Division

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 5, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Qualcomm, the semiconductor giant which manufactures, designs and markets digital wireless communication products and services, wants to bring a new technology across the U.S., through its marketing and retail tech division, Qualcomm Retail Solutions. The proposed technology will work in such a way that there will be no need to pay amount from the wallet or even make an order. The customers simply need to ask for “the usual,” and a barista will serve up their favorite drink, and charge their account without even having to swipe their card, reports Steven Jacobs of Street Fight.

Qualcomm works with retailers and other venue owners to put its two positioning technologies, Gimbal and iZat, to use, design and implement in-store marketing, analytics and other proximity-driven programs. The Gimbal technology and platform started by Qualcomm laboratory, were brought to retail solutions to serve a broad set of use-cases.


“Mobile has opened a room for innovation in the market, allowing people to take advantage of a new type of connectivity inside of retail. It transformed different industries, thereby becoming a bridge that move retailers forward. The retail division works with a number of positioning technologies, the GPS, wi-fi positioning and analytics, and Bluetooth Laboratory Execution technologies, and fitting them together depends on the customer and the environment. The wi-fi indoor positioning helps customers to take advantage of the indoor positioning component,” says Kevin Hunter, senior director, Qualcomm Retail Solutions.

“When considering rolling out an indoor positioning and proximity marketing system, the retailers in order to avoid risks need to have a trusted relationship with the customer and there should be a privacy strategy involved,” stated Hunter.

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