Qualcomm Takes a Crutial Turn with Server Development Platform to Leverage Server Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: Qualcomm Technologies, innovative mobile technology provider to extend server processors for data centers. The processors will have live demonstrations of its Server Development Platform (SDP), which is now being deployed as samples for tier-one processors. The system incorporates a pre-production version of 24-core System-on a-chip (SoC) based on the ARMv8-A instruction set built using FinFet technology.

“The release of our evaluation system is a major milestone for Qualcomm Technologies. As data centers evolve to support the exponential growth and innovation in data, connectivity and cloud services, Qualcomm Technologies is creating an ecosystem to meet the needs of these next-generation data centers with Qualcomm-based server technologies,” says Anand Chandrasekher, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Our customers are eager to test and evaluate our Server Development Platform and begin porting their software. We are incorporating their feedback into our product offering with the goal of ensuring system and software readiness by the time we are in full production.”

Designed especially for hyperscale data center customers Qualcomm Technologies’ server SoC technology addresses  to the common challenges of data center workloads like Infrastructure as-a Service (IaaS), Platform as-a Service (PaaS), big data and machine learning. All of the standard server-class features including PCIe and storage can be integrated. Claiming to be one among the most advanced server-class SoCs on the market, the initial production of  single-chip server SoCs will comprise include a fully custom core built on FinFet technology.

Furthermore, the SDP was tested on entire software stack Linux kernel version 4.2 along with KVM virtualization, OpenStack DevStack for OpenStack cloud orchestration, guest virtual machines running a standard Linux distribution along with Apache web server and WordPress. Meanwhile, the company also announces its technology collaborations with both Xilinx and Mellanox.