Qualcomm Ventures into 24-Core, 64-Bit CPU Based on ARMv8 Architecture

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: As the next step for commercialization, Qualcomm Technologies has begun sampling the ARM instruction set based server CPUs to ‘tier 1 data centers’ Providing a helping hand for the hyperscale deployments such as Web 2.0, cloud, big data, database and storage applications, offering Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect solutions is Mellanox Technologies. The combination is expected to deliver valuable return on investment.

Except that the platform features a 24-core, 64-bit CPU with ARMv8 architecture, the rest all details like clock speed, core design, attributes, cache memory, main memory have been kept undisclosed.

The prototype is limited to single socket. Based on the results from the pre-production chip, the company has decided to jump onto advanced FinFET 3D transistor process in order to get more cores than the current version.

Qualcomm is also known to be working with the so-called top eight hyperscalers – Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others in some form but has not revealed what commitments they are up to. Instead, the company assures of working with original design manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers to make machines on behalf of the hyperscalers.

The industry crowd is awaiting the commercial release of the product which is set around the spring of 2016 to know the complete specification set and other minute details. The design is assured to be competitive in performance as well as price to other ARM CPU servers in the market.