Qualcomm-Mercedes Incorporates, Hits on Wi-Fi to Enhance Racecar Data Sharing

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: Qualcomm Technologies, subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, together with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team have launched their first new solution, which aims to enable the wireless download of racecar telemetry data via Wi-Fi using 5 GHz spectrum during Formula One practice sessions.

The new advancement leads to faster data transfer of large vehicle diagnostics files and checks frequent trips to the garbage to offload data. Now, it does not require any plug-in connection from the car to computers in the garage and lets data transferred via high-speed wireless in the pitlane.

It consists of multiple Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processors with Qualcomm VIVE 802.11ac Wi-Fi with several access points, which helps in improving the connectivity speed and data transfer. Also, Qualcomm has plans to improve it further with potential system architecture changes and migration to 802.11 ad Wi-Fi solutions over 60 GHz spectrums in the near future.

“This is the first in a number of projects between Qualcomm Technologies and the Mercedes AMG PETRONS Formula One Team. Through this project, we have learned new ways to use Wi-Fi in the automotive environment,” comments Derek Aberle, President, Qualcomm Incorporated. 

He further adds, “Innovation in motorsport often drives the advancements seen in the consumer auto industry, and we believe this technology, as well as other advanced wireless technologies, has the potential to shape future developments in Dedicated Short Range Communications, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications. These types of technologies will lead to increased driver safety and provide important data pertaining to the vehicle’s journey.”