QualiTest-QualiSystems Alliance to Automate Network Elements and Infrastructure Testing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 21, 2015

FREMONT, CA: QualiTest, software testing and QA service providers, collaborates with QualiSystems, a provider of DevOps and automation solutions, to come up with an integrated solution for automating SDN/NFV network elements and infrastructure testing.

Through QualiSystem’s Test & Lab Automation Framework and QualiTest’s testing methodologies, telecommunications providers can accelerate Telephony Deployment and reach better bottom-line productivity, efficiency and competitiveness, achieving 80 percent automation in critical test areas and gaining a positive return on investment within months of deployment.

The alliance facilitates network engineering and operations with CloudShell and TestShell, an integrated set of infrastructure cloud and test automation platforms for innovating new services, targeting the telecommunications market. These platforms provide a transitional bridge from legacy to SDN/NFV networks, building agile development/test processes, and evolving networking infrastructures and engineering organizations.

While CloudShell is QualiSystems’ network DevOps lab orchestration platform that turns diverse lab infrastructure into cloud-integrated DevOps, TestShell is a network test automation platform that features a patented, object-based automation methodology for high reusability.  TestShell deeply integrates with CloudShell, allowing for continuous network certification cycles based on automation suites that coordinate scheduling live testbed environments from Cloudshell and automated launch of test automation suites from TestShell to ensure the highest throughput and quality coverage.

Utilizing comprehensive NFV automated testing methodology, QualiTest’s thorough and scalable testing practice reduces the overhead associated with QA and testing of large-scale software efforts. The solutions consist of NFV Test Accelerators, including pre-defined test assets constructed from over 580 test requirements and over 6,000 test cases, and a test automation repository that includes over 1,000 test scripts to fully test MANO, NFVI and VNF. QualiTest partners with most major NFV and SDN vendors to provide clients with the right technical knowledge and test tools to insure smooth migration with a focus on Service Assurance.