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Qualtrics Launches Delighted AI to Automate Customer Feedback Process

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2020

Qualtrics has announced the launch of Delighted AI, which will help to automate the steps of customer feedback.

FREMONT, CA: Qualtrics is a leader in customer experience and creator in the category of experience management.  The company has introduced Delighted AI, which is an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine that has been developed directly into Delighted's customer experience platform. Delighted is a Qualtrics company that has developed its AI technology to intelligently automate every part of the customer feedback process, starting from scheduling to analysis and reporting. It is done so that companies can emphasize closing feedback loops faster than ever. Delighted AI is also a complementary to Qualtrics' present Text iQ enterprise technology for CustomerXM that has been optimized for Delighted customers. 

Nowadays, measurement or metrics-based is no longer the most effective customer experience programs. In the past few months, Net Promoter Scores has significantly deteriorated because of the COVID-19. It has also exposed the gaps in customer experience, which the companies have failed to address or identify. Moreover, the companies who have appeared as the customer experience leaders during the crisis have endlessly listened to their customers, and more importantly, responded rapidly to their preferences and expectations.

Delighted AI development is based on semantics and themes that were there in the millions of customer feedback responses, which Delighted and its customers have analyzed over numerous years to drive customer experience success.

According to a press release, Caleb Elston, Co-founder of Delighted, said that the customer experience programs are developing rapidly because the companies have realized that depending only on traditional metrics will not help them achieve customer success. Instead, the customer experience leaders are engaging the consumers based on gathering in-the-moment feedback, which is immediately actionable and creates a continuous listening culture. He further mentioned that the company started Delighted AI to provide power to the companies to spend less time configuring, implementing, and analyzing. It will also help them focus so that they can act on insights faster than any other technology or human could before.