Quantum Broadens StorNext 5 to Boost Performance for Demanding Workflows

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Currently, the ability to store and manage huge volume of data meeting the requirements for high performance, low cost and quick access is a key challenge for the enterprises. Catering a solution to this issue, Quantum, a scale-out storage, archive provider, announces its latest version of scale-out storage platform “StorNext 5.3” integrated with advanced data management capabilities to deploy multi-tier storage architectures and long-term cloud archives. StorNext 5.3 supports the company’s Q-Could vault service while providing end-to-end encryption for all Q-Cloud offerings. 

StorNext 5.3 provides its users secured, low-cost public cloud storage for long-term archives enabling retention and protection of digital assets while maintaining complete visibility and accessibility into the assets regardless location. In addition with Quantum’s Artico NAS archive appliance powered by StorNext, this solution enable customers to deploy advanced multi-tier architectures including on-premise, off-premise, highly scalable storage with low-costs.

By supporting and managing hybrid on-premise, off-premise storage, StorNext 5.3 offer storage solutions for highly demanding workflows like video production, intelligence, surveillance, scientific research and so on with reliability, high performance and reduced costs.

Powered by StorNext, Q-Cloud Vault offers low-cost and managed storage capability in public cloud. Its benefits include: automated, policy-based data transfers to the cloud; no need for additional hardware, separate applications or programming; end-to-end encryption on the client side, in transit as well as at rest in the cloud; full user control of encryption keys and data access. Complementing its Archive service, Q-cloud Vault incorporates Amazon Glacier storage as a storage tier for more active archive data as well as for low-cost and long-term data storage.

Furthermore, StorNext 5.3 enables users to manage data with a new feature “Alternate Store Location” that facilitates the automatic copying of files to multiple storage tiers. Even if the file is deleted from on-site storage, the archived copy remains unchanged for long-term retention and disaster recovery.

"The ability to manage data in a way that simultaneously meets highly demanding performance, cost and access requirements is essential as users look to maximize the business value of their digital assets. StorNext 5.3 addresses this challenge, powering a range of solutions that integrate on-premise and cloud storage as part of a multi-tier storage strategy and enable seamless movement of data to deliver optimal workflow efficiency and productivity," said Geoff Stedman, Senior Vice president, StorNext Solutions, Quantum.