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QuerySurge Unveils QuerySurge 4.0 for Easy Data Testing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: In a move to make validation of data more quick and easy, RTTS, developer of QuerySurge- a data testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of Data Warehouses and Big Data, has launched QuerySurge 4.0. It analyzes data and pinpoints it up to 100 percent of all data differences while delivering both real-time and historical views of your data’s health.

With the help of the new release added with Query Wizard, users can visually choose tables and columns from source data stores and from target Big Data or Data Warehouses. It makes it simple for both novices and experienced team members to authenticate their enterprises’ data with no requirement of SQL programming. It also gives mechanized features for sorting and filtering. In addition, it provides an immediate Return on Investment (ROI) through their ease-of-use and ensures that minimal time and effort are required for developing tests and obtaining results.   

“We think we created a real game changer for people who need to test their data. Now anyone with knowledge of the data structure- whether they are analysts, operations teams or manual, non-technical testers- can test most of their data without having to write any SQL. We just made testing data really easy,” quotes Bill Hayduk, CEO, RTTS.