Quest Software Introduces Foglight To Offer Businesses Better It Infrastructure
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Quest Software Introduces Foglight To Offer Businesses Better It Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Quest Software introduces foglight 6.1 to strengthen data operations, performance, and efficiency in IT infrastructure.

Fremont, CA: "As DevOps teams create, deploy and update enterprise applications. Organizations must ensure that application performance does not fall through the cracks," states Venkat Rajaji, Vice President of Product Management for Quest ISM "Nearly 8 in 10 IT decision-makers say their enterprises have maintained or increased in complexity, underscoring the need to simplify ITOps and reduce noise for technical teams. This update will enable our customers to improve application performance, centralize efficient resource allocation in the cloud and reduce security risk across their entire organization.” Global software company Quest Software has launched Foglight 6.1, a monitoring and optimization platform for the hybrid enterprise. Foglight 6.1 is for businesses that have both on- and off-premises systems. In order for businesses to be able to manage their IT infrastructure and databases with confidence, Foglight gives them the tools they need for deep-dive database workload optimization and cloud cost management.

The new version of Foglight, called Foglight 6.1, is now available. It improves users' ability to find problems immediately and fix them while also cutting costs and making IT teams less tired from getting alerts. In Quest's Data Empowerment portfolio, this is one of the most important tools. It helps companies run their businesses better by taking care of their data operations, protecting it, and governing it. With Quest, companies can find, understand, and use the right data assets from their own businesses to make faster and smarter decisions.