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Quick Adaptation of Hotel Property Management Systems

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: A Hotel Property Management System (PMS) is a technology that ensures smooth functioning of a hotel while considering all the operations holistically with minimal changes to the existing systems. The most crucial decision in the transition from conventional technology to PMS is the choice of the appropriate PMS Partner. To ensure the quick, clean implementation of PMS, some pointers need to be noted while selecting the PMS partner, they are:  

Seamless integration with current systems

For the seamless integration of PMS with existing systems, the hotel managers need to understand the current system and identify what is essential and what feature can be avoided. After a thorough understanding and recognition of the desired PMS, a provider should be consulted to for modifications and customizations of the software systems.

If the potential provider is incapable of delivering the functionality that the hotel requires integration of the systems will fail. It is vital to choose the provider wisely. The selection of the provider should be made through some testing and with agreements in place to ensure that the providers can be trusted to protect the client’s data.

Avoiding disruptions during the adaptation of PMS:

Disruptions while implementing the PMS often occur, so it is vital to have a PMS partner throughout the process, with clear plans scheduled for the initial training period to when the PMS goes live. The allotment of tasks and timescales as to when the task needs to be fulfilled is also of primordial importance.  The aptly planned training package is necessary as it will speed up the process of implementation and helps avoid teething problems as the PMS proceeds. 

A provider who conducts on-site training is seen to be more effective than one who is learning it from manual online. With the help of an experienced on-site trainer, each step of the process can be understood in practicality and doubts will be dealt with immediately.

The implementation of a PMS may seem daunting to the hotel manager as it changes the whole working dynamics; having a correct PMS provider will make the journey smooth with seamless ties to the existing process. A PMS is programmed to make the hotel business management easy, so the adaptation of PMS should be an easy task too. 

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