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Quicker diagnoses for better treatment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In today’s world, one could see the proliferation of technologies in every industry. But the health sector, somehow, has lagged behind in that regard. People still need to wait for days for a diagnosis as simple as the cholesterol test. To solve this problem, a Chicago-based company, Analyte Health has taken up the task.

The company is enabling faster diagnoses for areas such as digestive health, general wellness, competitive fitness, neurological disorders, ancestry, pharmacogenetics, genetic screening, allergies, family planning, and fertility and sexual health.  

Furthermore, it also provides an online platform which allows diagnoses to be completed even from home using a convenient "at-home test kit". Diagnoses are done by online physicians, who contact and convey results to individuals through phone.

To make the quick diagnosis capability available to a larger audience, the company is now expanding its footprint in markets outside the US through its sister company, Analyte Physician group.

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