QuickLogic Brings to Market the Most Advanced Sensor Processing SoC with the EOS Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA:  Sensor processing solution provider QuickLogic releases its new sensor processing platform EOS S3, with state-of-the art architectonics enabling sensor driven applications to work at incredibly lower power consumption. This multi-core SoC platform assimilates three dedicated processing engines namely Flexible Fusion Engine (FFE), ARM Cortex M4F Microcontroller (MCU) and a front end sensor.

A major bulk of processing is taken care of by the FFE and sensor manager thereby reducing the duty cycle for the floating point MCU. This framework makes it extremely favorable for mobile, wearable and IoT device designers to introduce next gen sensor driven applications.

The EOS Platform comes with a dedicated PDM to PCM conversion block and Sensory’s Low Power Sound Detector (LPSD) that provides an always-on voice triggering and recognition ambience. The current consumption is below 350 microAmps which is quite lower than the conventional MCU based solutions.

Designed to maximize the efficiency of QuickLogic's extensive SenseMe algorithm library, the EOS S3 platform and SenseMe library are complied with Android Lollipop and various other Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). The platform being sensor and algorithm skeptic, it extends support for third party and customer-developed algorithms through QuickLogic's industry-standard Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plugin. The IDE provides optimized and proven code generation tools as well as a feature-rich debugging environment which ensures quick porting of existing code into both the FFE and the ARM M4F MCU of the EOS S3 platform.

"QuickLogic's revolutionary EOS platform enables OEMs to deliver a new class of advanced applications previously impractical to implement within the battery life constraints of today's mobile devices," mentions Brian Faith, Vice President of worldwide sales and marketing at QuickLogic.