Quortus and ACS Partner up to Power Enterprises with MEC Technology

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GUILDFORD, UK AND HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: Quortus and Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) made an announcement recently regarding their partnership to develop a series of enterprise-based solutions for wireless communications devoted to the emerging Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technology. We can expect a demonstration from the networking communication companies at the Mobile World Congress 2016 to be held in Barcelona, later this month (Feb 22nd - 25th).

Quortus, headquartered in Guildford, UK, enables flexible, agile mobile communications networks that provide a foundation for innovative services, tailored to a diverse range of end customers. ACS, based in Huntington Beach, CA, provides products and services to Service Providers, MSOs and large enterprises, specializing in aligning technology, process and people with business goals. The tie-up between the companies is believed to bring about remarkable changes in the traditional network architecture, outwitting performance, enhancing user experience and transforming the entire wireless ecosystem.

Such engagements also emphasize the wider adoption of network resources by operators, giving them newer and more profitable opportunities for business and monetization. On the other hand, content distributors benefit with higher speeds and reduced network latencies. In a place where, large-scale enterprises reap enormous improvements in integrating technology with the communication infrastructure, there is also something for small and middle-sized businesses. They are exposed to never before advanced services of wireless networking solutions with added ease of use features.

“Quortus and ACS makes for a game-changing combination,” said Andy Odgers, Founder and CEO of Quortus. “Together we are pioneering the new Mobile Edge Computing ecosystem. This opens up a new world of powerful possibilities, creating an operator-friendly system that can support a raft of new capabilities ranging from local traffic offload and QoS management to genuine local VoLTE calling.”

“Our partnership with Quortus is a natural evolution of our two companies’ respective endeavors to leverage advanced IT and communications technologies to make a real difference in a very broad range of applications,” Bob Pike, CTO at ACS, added to that. “We are hugely excited to debut this technology at MWC ‘16.”