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R Cubed: The Backbone of Enterprise Security

By CIOReview | Friday, May 25, 2018

The rising demand for cyber security for the existing and the next generation cloud infrastructures has driven companies into speeding up their security application development process. With the availability of a variety of security tools in the market, the enterprises have to ensure the appropriate level of security prior to integrating the tools within the organization. Starving the incoming attacks of the resources needed to pose a threat would be a better solution. The three Rs–Rotate, Repave and Repair–form the fundamentals an IT cyber security system revolves around.

An unauthorized access into a network that can stay hidden–advanced persistent threat (APT) is one of the major concerns of an enterprise, enabling the attacker to corrupt, steal and ransom data off the systems. The bases for APT attacks are usually leaked credentials, misconfigured or unpatched software and time to for the malware to observe, learn and store the resources. Vulnerability in the software makes room for APT to hide, move around and gather more data, giving it all the resources it needs to carry out a successful cyber attack.

Every cyber threat needs resources in order to gain entry and impact the system. Rotate the data–changing the credentials periodically reduces the number of resources the attack can muster to damage the system. Higher the speed of rotation, lower the risk. The timely restoration of the virtual machines from a saved data center will repave the application containers, allowing immediate deployment of data security patches within the organization. Until the patch arrives, the operating system and applications are left exposed and vulnerable, so the repairs have to take place quickly–faster is safer. The IT cyber security software must have a minimal delay for efficient blocking of cyber attacks.