R2 Technologies Raises Series C Capital to Accelerate Business Growth
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R2 Technologies Raises Series C Capital to Accelerate Business Growth

By CIOReview | Friday, July 30, 2021

R2 Technologies expands the company's footprint and enters the global market.

FREMONT, CA: R2 Technologies Inc. raises an additional $15 million in capital from its original investor, Pansend Life Sciences, LLC, as a Series C equity investment. The investment generates a $150 million post-money valuation for R2. The funds expand the company's corporate footprint and accelerate Glacial RxTM commercialization in the United States, the company's first-to-market revolutionary CryoAestheticTM treatment cleared by the FDA to remove benign lesions and temporarily alleviate pain, swelling and inflammation. Additionally, the investment supports the global expansion and development of R2 Technologies' next breakthroughs, scheduled for future release.

“It is exciting to see our founding investor, Pansend, reinvest in the company. It is a testament to our business and the growth trajectory within the US and global markets,” says Tim Holt, R2’s Chief Executive Officer. “In fact, we will be one of the first global players in aesthetics who will have an East Coast office in Miami, Florida. This expansion will give us an unprecedented advantage especially as we expand globally and mobilize our growing sales force.”

To prepare for the exceptional growth predicted in the following year, R2 is increasing its manufacturing process to fulfill present and forecast professional market demand. Additionally, the team will increase marketing activities to further educate and raise awareness across consumer and professional channels.

R2 is expanding its presence in Silicon Valley by expanding its principal office and establishing a satellite office in Miami. According to a recent report, Florida is one of the hottest new business centers, with Fortune 500 companies and technology organizations entering into the burgeoning sector, resulting in significant financial gain. RealSelf has ranked Miami with the highest aesthetic treatment providers and plastic surgeons per capita in 2018. It has noticed a strong association between tech hub hotspots and top med aesthetic markets, making it ideal for R2's in-office treatments.

Glacial Rx was developed by the pioneers of CoolSculpting and Fraxel and was named one of the '2021 Launches Doctors Are Excited About' by RealSelf, the premier and most trustworthy source for cosmetic treatment education. R2 has recently been voted the winner of the 2nd Annual Aesthetics Tech Summit LaunchPad SBDC, organized by Octane, a firm dedicated to facilitating access to resources, funding, and mentorship for technology and medtech startups.

R2 is currently accepting orders from aesthetic doctors interested in offering the new Glacial Rx in-office.