Rackspace and Clustrix Provide Database and Cloud Services to the Magento Sites

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Clustrix, provider of scale-out database for e-commerce sites, announces a partnership with the cloud company Rackspace. Rackspace provides Magento merchants with a fast and reliable cloud solution.

Mike Azevedo, Clustrix CEO says on the alliance, “Using Rackspace managed cloud services let us provide Magento merchants with a scalable solution in the cloud, allowing e-commerce merchants to optimize their growing businesses.”

ClustrixDB is self-managing tool, with more than 5,000 instrumentation points collecting data on all aspects of database functionality; used by developers and programming DBAs and automates most of the operational DBA tasks. It saves multiple copies of all data within a cluster and allows asynchronous replication across geography for disaster recovery.

ClustrixDB is a MySQL-compatible distributed database designed to deliver high performance, reliability and resilience. It is optimized for fast-growing e-commerce vendors and grows larger by simply adding commodity server hardware. By automatically rebalancing the load and managing transactions, ClustrixDB ensures that Magento sites don’t slow down or crash. For seasonal changes in demand, online vendors can simply add the capacity needed via FLEX licensing.

Rackspace’s e-commerce hosting platform helps vendor’s online store running at peak performance. A managed cloud lets e-commerce merchants tap the power of the cloud to reach strategic business goals without the frustration, cost and time of managing it.