RackWare Makes Available Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery for Enterprises

By CIOReview | Friday, August 1, 2014

SANTA CLARA, CA: RackWare, the software provider, has recently announced the general availability of RackWare Management Module (RMM) 3.0, offering a simple and cost-effective solution traditional or cloud-based enterprise data centers.

The new solution provides an unprecedented level of redundancy, eliminating the hassles of purchasing, implementing and maintaining a full replicated disaster recovery site. Taking advantage of this solution and flexible cloud infrastructure, protecting workloads can be done in much lesser time. The solution brings physical, virtual, and cloud based workloads to the level of protection that mission-critical systems protected by expensive and complex high availability solutions enjoy.  

The solution lowers the cost of disaster recovery; ensure protection of mission-critical IT resources in case of planned and unplanned outages along with extending the existing IT architecture into cloud for minimal disruption.

“Disaster recovery is an essential element of any business’ IT. However, so far enterprises have been limited to either complex, expensive high-availability solutions or tape backup solutions with lengthy restoration times, not ideal for a business that needs to get back up and running quickly after an outage or natural disaster,” says Sash Sunkara, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of RackWare.

The additional functionalities of RMM 3.0 include:

Cloning of production servers – enabling full replication of the operating system, applications and data from production servers into cloud recovery instances;

Incremental synchronization – changes in the operating system, applications and data are all synchronized to the recovery instances as the production instances change, with only differences transmitted, saving bandwidth and resources;

Cloud-to-Cloud – production and recovery instances span heterogeneous cloud infrastructure or remain in the same infrastructure, across Amazon, RackSpace, CenturyLink, VMware, IBM Softlayer, and OpenStack, among others;

 Physical-to-Cloud – physical production servers in traditional data centers can be protected by cloned instances into any cloud;

Failover – should an outage occur on the production system, the recovery instance is fully synchronized and automatically takes over workload processing;

Failback – once the production server is restored, the recovery instance synchronizes all changes that took place during the outage back to the production server for normalized operations;

Complete protection – Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) exceed expectations by expanding the scope of disaster recovery to include workloads that are normally under-protected.

 “With today’s launch of RackWare Management Module 3.0, we extend our intelligent automation and policy framework to enable business-critical use cases. Our cost-effective disaster recovery solution allows enterprises to ensure 360 degree protection of the majority of workloads in their data center. We believe that this unprecedented level of flexibility and protection at a low cost will be an industry game changer,” adds Sunkara.

RMM 3.0 is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, India and Japan.