Radware Virtual ADCs for NFV Infrastructure Simplifies High Capacity Load Balancing

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fremont, CA: Radware, a top supplier of virtual security and application delivery solutions recently announced that its application delivery controller—the Alteon NG VA, can accomplish over 200Gbps in a single software-based instance. Tests conducted further provided proof that for the first time mobile operators, telcos, and ISPs can maintain the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture while meeting the bandwidth requirements of consumers.

"Mobile carriers introduced Network Functions Virtualization in 2012 as a way to make network and service provisioning faster and more flexible while reducing the total cost of ownership. But one of the challenges when designing an NFV infrastructure is load-balancing. Telcos are always grappling with how they cope with the volume of customers making requests to the network,” explains Mark McIlvane, Corporate VP Global Carrier Sales & Business Development and Sales, Radware.

"This is because the virtual network in effect becomes a software-based platform running on off-the-shelf hardware. While this brings great benefits in terms of being able to scale the network and become more agile, it also means that resources need to be pooled so that the capacity in the hardware is maximized. We've now proven that with our load balancing application delivery controller, it's possible to run NFV architecture at an optimum, unlock the potential of the cloud, and manage 200Gbps in a single virtualized software instance."

Radware is currently collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for their OpenNFV Partner Ecosystem, and for the HPE OpenNFV Platform, Radware offers its Alteon NG VA for NFV.

"Radware is a key partner in our agile and open NFV ecosystem," said Werner Schaefer, VP Sales & GTM, Communications Solutions Business, HP. "HP's OpenNFV Platform requires carrier-grade performance and functionality.  Radware's Alteon NG VA for NFV solution delivers unmatched ADC functions and performance when running on HPE's Gen9 servers.  The ability to scale beyond 200Gbps in a single ADC instance is essential to enabling the full value of our NFV architecture."

McIlvane added, "With our industry leading 200Gbps NFV ADC instance, telcos can now accelerate their transition from hardware to the cloud to create more agile, flexible workloads for their highest scale and most valuable applications. The development reconfirms our commitment to driving innovation in this field and we'll continue to support the NFV initiative and standards being built around the architecture."