Ravello and SimSpace Partners to Test the Value of Defenses and Responses

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Ravello Systems, provider of Cloud Application Hypervisor, and SimSpace, cyber security Software Company, have partnered to check the effectiveness of defenses, responses and even IT skills by developing virtual environment and fake cyber attacks, reports Vance McCarthy for Integration developer news website.

Under this partnership, SimSpace is going to use its ‘cyber ranges’- which allows users to run cyber defense simulations in the Virtual Corporate Network (VCN) to identify faults, train new users and test the behavior of modifications, to leverage Ravello HVX. Ravello HVX that enables an organization to completely summarize a multi-VM application and run it on any cloud (like, Amazon AWS and Google Compute Engine) without any changes, also with its nested virtualization brings the benefits, like migration-free cloud environments, faster release cycles, self-service provisioning and collaboration across teams.  

 “Our intent is to provide a safe environment where you can test and train without the unnecessary consequences. Despite the advantage of being isolated, effective testing and training still require a realistic Internet within our VCNs,” states Ravello Systems.

It further adds, “To accomplish this, we re-host thousands of sampled webs, email and ftp sites. We also provide root and domain DNS servers and core BGP routing.”

Moreover, the alliance between the two companies offers users a type of safe sandbox, where they can safely model threats and responses without giving any risk to core systems. With the ability to inject common network attacks and simulate “zero attacks” SimSpace’s cyber ranges.