Ravello Improvises Hacker Simulation in Cloud for Rapid Deployment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: To minimize the complexities hacker simulation, LightCyber taps into Ravello to use its security sandboxing in cloud. It allows LightCyber to run hacker simulation in its environment inside a secure capsule in the cloud for scalable growth in the market.

Revallo’s nested virtualization, which is capable of running unmodified guests on top of already virtualized hardware, will make it easy to manage data.  It also comes with ability to recreate data centers on existing virtual applications on private cloud platforms such as AWS and Google. This will enable the company to create and test simulation security attacks at lower cost and provides a competitive edge in the  market.

What’s New

The platform is capable of running multiple virtual machines inside cloud and allows to virtualize console access. It provides real-time threat assessments, malware testing, research and development and threat simulation. Additional benefits include, access to isolated layer 2 networking in AWS and Google Cloud; run existing data center environments unmodified in the public cloud; save multi-node blueprints for repeatable deployments.

“Ravello’s built-in network isolation creates a secure capsule which recreates whole data centers in the cloud and our blueprinting capability provides repeatable deployments for cyber security companies. Companies like Light Cyber can now deploy large scale multi-node environments for hack games, training labs and practice ranges – entirely on demand,” says Rami Tamir, CEO of Ravello Systems.