Ravello Launches Nested Virtualization Powered Smart Labs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: Ravello Systems, a software company which provides nested virtualization software launches networking and security Smart Labs that can be utilized for creating virtual networks, training, network modeling and examining unpredicatable scenarios for the installed networks.

The cloud-based Smart Labs have the capabilities of data centre labs combined with the resilience of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Provided with support for running existing VMware and KVM virtual appliances, the Smart Labs are powered by a virtual overlay cloud with software-defined networking and complete layer 2 access in the public cloud. The company claims that by delivering cloud-based labs for designing and modeling network and security implementations, it has increased flexibility, diminished risks and reduced costs for the entire ecosystem of networking and security technologies.

Enterprises can upgrade, test their own production deployments when new versions of virtual appliances are released and also replicate their data centre environments in the public clouds, creating their own Smart Labs on Ravello. Appliance vendors will also be able to provide demos quickly, create proof of concept labs and test environments for their virtual appliances.

“Ravello’s nested virtualization technology, HVX, can run existing VMware or KVM virtual network or security appliances unmodified on AWS or Google cloud with L2 access and support for advanced functionality such as promiscuous mode, span ports, broadcast, multicast.”, says Navin Thadani, SVP Products,Ravello Systems.