Ray Summit To Develop New Innovations In Ray And The Anyscale Platform
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Ray Summit To Develop New Innovations In Ray And The Anyscale Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Ray Summit, the industry event for scalable ai, reveals innovations in ray and the Anyscale platform; speakers from uber, IBM, OpenAI, Shopify, Dow, and numerous global organizations attend.

FREMONT, CA: “Hearing from Meta AI, Open AI, Lyft, Uber, and Instacart on Day 1 of Ray Summit and how they're addressing some of the most complex challenges in distributed computing at scale was incredibly inspiring and enriching," states Robert Nishihara, CEO of Anyscale. At the Ray Summit, Anyscale, the company behind Ray open source, the universal computing framework for scaling any machine learning or Python task, has come up with new features in Ray 2.0 and Anyscale's managed Ray compute platform. Robert Nishihara, CEO and co-founder of Anyscale, and Ion Stoica, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Anyscale, presented breakthroughs that facilitate the development and scalability of AI systems. The Ray Summit is quickly becoming the largest conference on scalable Python and machine learning.

“Day 2 promises to be just as energizing with world-renowned companies speaking to their use of Ray and the Anyscale platform for their cutting-edge AI initiatives,” adds Nishihara.

On the second day of the Ray Summit, businesses from various industries will discuss the benefits of the Ray and Anyscales platforms and offer AI-driven business use cases. The following are examples of speakers and their use of Ray:

Uber: Ray is the unifying computing platform for ML and deep learning applications.

Shopify: Merlin, Shopify's machine learning platform built on Ray, provides rapid iteration and scalability of distributed applications, such as product categorization and recommendations.

Spotify: Ray is used by Spotify for sophisticated applications, including personalized content recommendations for home podcasts and personalized track sequencing on Spotify Radio.

Qatar Computer Research Institute: Ray is powering reinforcement learning applications for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, including optimizing the movement of millions of fans, managing vehicle traffic, and modeling congestion scenarios.

Intel: BigDL 2.0 from Intel makes it simple for developers to construct end-to-end distributed AI applications on Ray and to scale AI pipelines without interruption.

Riot Games: Riot Games' Ray-based reinforcement learning platform powers critical AI applications, such as game balancing, which guarantees that players and game aspects are well-balanced so that players' skills can show.

Ray Summit also highlights new features in Ray 2.0 and presents a live demonstration of the latest Anyscale platform. The demonstration of the Anyscale platform, led by co-founders Robert Nishihara and Ion Stoica, highlights the new Anyscale ML Workspace, enterprise-grade security, observability and monitoring, cost control, and numerous other new features.

Anyscale is a scalable, managed Ray compute platform that facilitates Ray applications' development, deployment, and administration. It gives firms a fully-managed enterprise-ready platform and a turnkey method for constructing and growing machine learning and Python workloads while accelerating time-to-market.