RCS MediaGroup Collaborates with Microsoft, Avanade and Accenture to Boost its Cloud Transition

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

 Hybrid Cloud Solution and Cloud Platform.FREMONT, CA: RCS MediaGroup, an international publisher of magazines, newspapers has selected Microsoft and Avanade to leverage cloud computing for the firm’s transformation and growth. The collaboration will now assist RCS in addressing the challenges associated with the retaining of its previous clients and leveraging from the data and content.

Microsoft, Accenture, and Avanade will work in a collaborative manner to provide RCS a high-performing cloud solution by utilizing Accenture’s Hybrid Cloud Solution and Cloud Platform. These solutions will enable RCS to incorporate its applications with more economical, seamless and flexible operations by using the potential of the cloud. This partnership will enable RCS in the automated, simplified and accelerated distribution of digitized content to the readers, increasing the contribution of digital publishing and addressing the preferences of online readers.

“This program is fully aligned with Accenture’s Cloud First strategic agenda using the flexibility and automation functionalities of the Accenture Cloud Platform. On a larger scale than ever, digital publishing and many other forms of media and entertainment are pursuing cloud computing focused on outcomes such as lower cost and agiler digital publishing consumption,” says Francesco Venturini, Global MD, Media and Entertainment Group, Accenture.

In this strategic partnership, Accenture will deliver RCS with some key functionality in the likes of its Cloud Platform. These capabilities include consulting services related to infrastructure and program governance, the expertise of infrastructure and application migration. Avanade will contribute its part by providing applications and technical guidance related to the Microsoft cloud along with the required experience related to the infrastructure migration. Microsoft’s contribution in this partnership is in the form of Azure, its cloud technology.

The multi-cloud management platform of Accenture powered by the Microsoft Azure provides enterprises a capability to manage complete cloud resources. The private and public resources help in centrally managing the workflow by automating and accelerating the delivery of cloud solutions. This open cloud platform that enable services with the required automation along with platform management and integration of the Microsoft cloud technologies.