Readying Enterprises for Digital Transformation
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Readying Enterprises for Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 31, 2019

The growing need of integrating new digital technologies into the enterprises to transform the business-processes is making them concerned about the transformation. Digital transformation is covering every aspect of changing technologies in business but keeping up with the changes by the technologies is the key factor. To deliver better customer satisfaction is the motive to change.

Some of the companies face difficulties about the change because of the gap between IT and the business. The alignment of these two is imperative for the companies to stay ahead in the competition. Following are some of the considerations that need to be looking out to execute digital transformation and business innovation:

Governance, risk and compliance management: Organizations need right governance, risk and compliance processes and automation to protect data. It is a support that is necessary for transformation in business.

Agility of applications and services: Technology transformation needs the organizations to be adaptive to changing business and market dynamics. Agility in business makes it responsive and flexible. It improves collaboration that drives an approach of cutting out wasted effort and delivering quality over quantity with more productivity. Organizations should follow agile methods to be concurrent, iterative, and adaptive according to market demand.

Managing knowledge and sharing it: Knowledge management and sharing are crucial element businesses should have in the way of digital transformation. Knowledge workers should have real-time access to the answers they need to make decisions. As customers today seek for advanced self-help, mobility, automation, and self-service capabilities, businesses should offer a great knowledge sharing platform.

Managing talent: Organizations should manage the talent by assigning the right people with the right skills in the right place. It helps them to be organized and innovative in the race. Talent management is an important key factor in the business strategy that supports digital transformation in an effective way.

Businesses should adopt the right technologies to support the organizations while delivering value to both the workforce and customers in a cost-effective way. And IT has a unique opportunity to be impactful on digital transformation is driven by agility and deliver customer service.