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Reasons Behind the Increasing Demand for Warehouses

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019

IoT and mobility have made the warehouse more efficient by making the supply chain more reliable, transparent, productive, and flexible. With this technology, it is expected to increase the demand of warehouse.

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of things (IoT) has brought in a revolutionary method of collecting data from far-flung assets and improving predictive maintenance. It has successfully connected billions of pieces of equipment, electronics, consumer products, and other items. Along with IoT, mobility has also played a similar role as it became easier to connect with an employee, customer, or partner with a tablet, smartphone, or handheld computer.

The demand for the warehouse already existed among exporters, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other commercial vendors. The implementation of IoT in the warehouse has only increased efficiency, which has lead to a rise in demand. The increasing mobility from the use of IoT has presented numerous opportunities even within a distribution center or warehouse. IoT will help supply chain to generate hyper-efficient warehouses with less shipping error and hold fewer inventories.

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The primary ways in which mobility and IoT have proved to be beneficial for the warehouse are as follows.

1. Better Inventory Management

Sensors connect shelves where products and containers are kept, making it easier to locate and maintain an account of the goods in the warehouse. The system will instantly alert if any stock is running low or if the temperature may put the quality of products at risk.

2. Improved Efficiency and Less Labor

Accurate information about the location of the goods will make it easier for the employees to work. The staffs can also work from anywhere in the warehouse if they have mobile or computers with them. With the help of real-time information, it will also become easier to identify unsafe working conditions in the warehouse. IoT and mobility will not only make the warehouse safer for the employees to work but also increase their efficiency.

3. Better Customer Engagement

Internet of Things and mobility in a warehouse can help the customers to remain better informed about the status of their orders.

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4. Reduces Risk

IoT can help the warehouses in detecting risk that may create a loss in the supply chain. Sensors in the warehouse can easily distinguish moisture, temperature, and other conditions, which help it to lessen the chances of any risk by alerting the responsible persons. The sensors can also help in detecting an intruder in the warehouse, reducing the chances of theft.

The warehouse has every chance of benefitting from IoT and mobility, in terms of efficiency, productivity, and, providing customer satisfaction.