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Recent Cloud Developments Promising Greater Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 6, 2019

FREMONT, CA: If the cloud is going to play an essential role in a company, cloud security becomes vital too. Cybercriminals are always waiting to exploit weak links in cloud infrastructure which mandates quick action on the part of organizations to secure themselves. By ensuring the inclusion of certain concepts into security, companies can safeguard their cloud infrastructure. The security strategy should be such that they can continuously adapt to changing infrastructure. It must also be in sync with the multi-cloud so that security is never compromised even when cloud environment changes.

Security solutions end up being a heterogeneous set because of the different security requirements of different environments. Due to this, coordinating the security policies and enforcing them becomes challenging. To simplify the issue, companies find vendors who offer security solutions having extensive coverage across many environments. For consistent security, every form factor of a solution should be integrated natively. 

Organizations have conventionally managed their physical and virtual networks physically. This approach comes in the way of seamless visibility, which is vital from a security point of view. A single console for the whole infrastructure gives companies the ability to eliminate gaps and enforce consistent security solutions effectively.

Implementing security for upcoming infrastructural changes require solutions that cover distributed infrastructure, adapt to changes, and grow with resources automatically. Additionally, functionality and compliance to regulations are essential for the cloud-based security infrastructure. In the process of developing security, legacy infrastructure related hardware would be replaced, and incorporating these concepts have the potential to lend a robust layer of functional protection to any firm migrating to a cloud-based ecosystem.