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Recipe for Digital Transformation in Healthcare

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The time has come for healthcare organizations to plan a digital transformation. According to IT consultancy IDC, “Healthcare organizations that thrive through digital experience are able to more effectively deal with challenges such as delivering on value-based care, consumerism and improving outcomes.” The report recommends exploring digital channels and methods to improve patient experience, deriving value from data acquired, and increasing efficiency of existing processes and systems. Listed below are five ingredients for a successful digital experience.


Top-level executives need to make digital experience part of the organization’s strategic mission by aligning IT with business operations and the various departments. The report also recommends continuous efforts to improve digital experience.


The omni-experience refers to the combination of digital and physical interactive experiences that creates an “omnipresent” and “multidimensional” ecosystem to decrease costs and “improve response times” as per the report. The goal of omni-experience is improving both competitive advantage and market share.


While leveraging data collected in-house for transforming the enterprise seems like an obvious choice, the report recommends a list of areas for extracting data. These include markets, transaction services, products assets, customer service, flexibility, productivity and revenue.

Operating model

Digital experience will require current hospital operating models to transform and accommodate digital tools. Such tools include internet of things applications and devices, robotics, and interconnected systems and processes to control costs, manage risk and drive revenue.

Work source

Enterprises can utilize workers’ knowledge through digital technology despite restrictions from geographical locations or time zones. It also enables a smarter, more agile, and productive workforce that helps in reducing costs and increasing productivity.

According to the report, digital transformation is emerging in specific areas among healthcare providers and payers, which are artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, cloud computing, customer relationship management and internet of things. Many challenges such as increasing levels of obesity, rising number of patients with chronic diseases, an aging population and significant amount of healthcare spend are signs that point towards the need for digital transformation.

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