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Recondo Technology and VisiQuate Collaborates to Disrupt Inefficient and Expensive Claims Denial Management

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

The AI-powered claim denial management solution helps the healthcare units to drive substantial financial returns and claims efficiently.

FREMONT, CA:  Recondo Technology, an American software company that provides automated financial services to the healthcare industry, collaborates with VisiQuate, a healthcare analytics company. The objective of the partnership is to cut down on the claim denials and lessen the clearing and submission processes for payers. With this alliance, the two companies intend to distribute comprehensive automated denial management solutions.

With the integration of analytics and automation based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the duo will develop denial management solutions and ways through which patients can clear their payments and manage their claims efficiently.

Recondo Technology assists the healthcare sector in delivering desirable patient experience by reducing administrative costs. By utilizing robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and clinical language processing, the company provides automated, definite financial services across 900 healthcare units.

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The companies have integrated Recondo Technology’s ClaimStatusPlus with VisiQuate’s DenialFlo and PayFlo solutions to wisely automate the claim management process that is made available for all segments of the healthcare industry such as regional and community hospitals, and big specialty practices. ClaimStatusPlus alerts the payers by sending a vast amount of claim inquiries to their websites, and without human intervention, it reclaims and classifies the claim denial data.

However, the claims that need intervention are marked and sent to the functional department for remediation while the due payments are discarded. The VisiQuate’s denials management analytics takes advantage of applied analytics, ML, and AI to gain and direct the opportunities for remediation, organizing the precious time of the staff toward the impact of more significant claims instead of tracking the smaller ones.

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Down the line, the healthcare financial period may become complicated. Hence, excellent and critical responses combined with automation and analytics are the need of the hour.