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Red Dot Square's 'Red Dot 3D8' Offers Better Shopper Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, June 23, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Red Dot Square, a provider of virtual reality software for retail environments has launched its new 3D interactive software, Red Dot 3D8.

Red Dot Square helps retailers and consumer goods companies by giving virtual reality in the hands of the user to more effectively plan, visualize and execute a better shopper experience. With cloud technology, wherever a company needs virtual reality, it is delivered. The decision makers with the help of this software can easily and quickly make decisions related to business.

Red Dot 3D8 can be used in Research and insight where it test plans with shoppers effectively in real time through dynamic data visualization. It reduces risk by getting product and category designs to store and revolutionize ways of working, and is also useful in planning the space, range and display quickly thereby reducing the operating costs and time costs.

“The new platform has been created to facilitate on-going development to ensure our clients stay at the leading edge of retail innovation and shopper understanding. Together we can enhance the shopper experience around the world through more effective collaboration, creation, research and execution. Red Dot 3D8 will change the way our clients’ teams work making them more efficient and effective. It will allow them to unlock greater value internally and externally to win with customers and shoppers,” said Jeremy Cohen, CEO, Red Dot Square.

Chief technology officer, Paul Gregory, said: “Advances in technology have allowed us to break new ground in the use of virtual reality. Most importantly, the software now runs on standard mobile devices and laptops with a simple user interface. By hosting software in the cloud, users can access virtual reality projects from any location, putting the power of virtual reality in the hands of the user,” said Paul Gregory, Chief technology officer, Red Dot Square.