Red Hat Brings Forth New Release of Ansible with Authentication Capabilities

By CIOReview | Friday, December 4, 2015

RALEIGH, NC: Red Hat unveils its first release after it acquired Ansible - Ansible Tower 2.4 with enhanced control, security and delegation capabilities for the Ansible open source automation tool to enable DevOps teams to manage systems and optimize deployments.

Ansible Tower 2.4 focuses on security advancements with authentication and tracking specially designed for users operating in the government. Other features of the new release include OAuth authentication via GitHub and Google, allowing users to use the accounts they already have instead of adding them to Tower reducing group duplication; enterprise authentication support for SAML 2.0 and RADIUS supporting connection to an LDAP for team information, authenticating to SAML 2.0 identity provider and a RADIUS server.

Moreover, it provides configurable session limits and timeouts that can limit users to specific number of active sessions at a time ensuring that a login via a new computer invalidates any session the user may have active elsewhere. Ansible Tower administrators can customize the login logo, add login messages and banners giving out detailed information about the systems. Additionally, the new release includes feedback from users on the Tower interface to streamline the users experience and improve them in future.

"Adopted by Fortune 100 companies and government organizations worldwide, Ansible Tower offers ease of integration across the board. The powerful identity management, authorization and session-related capabilities in Ansible Tower 2.4 - the Ansible team's first release since joining Red Hat last month - further enable IT organizations to simplify their IT management with simple, agentless, and powerful IT automation while keeping their environment's security requirements," says Tim Cramer, Head of Ansible engineering, Red Hat.