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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 to Provide a Stable and Trusted Platform for Critical IT Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2016
James Labocki, Product Owner, Red Hat

James Labocki, Product Owner, Red Hat

RALEIGH, NC: Red Hat recently announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise (RHE) Linux 6.8, the latest version of the RHE Linux 6 platform. The version 6.8 of RHE adds improved system archiving, new visibility into storage performance and an updated open standard for secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

“Our unique cloud management platform coupled with Red Hat Satellite, a systems management solution, helps our clients to get their work done quicker,” says James Labocki, Product Owner, Red Hat. “Our solutions improve the speed at which clients deploy services by up to 95 percent.”

Red Hat’s hybrid IT infrastructure enables clients to run RHE Linux which allows them to create a cloud environment on their systems. Especially, in data center virtualization, customers can deploy RHE Virtualization and set virtualized data centers. “It enables the company to run the workloads across platforms and gives the ability to seamlessly manage the cloud fronts,” says Labocki.

Red Hat’s cloud management platform allows customers to manage multiple infrastructures through a single pane of glass while providing rapidly deployable developer stacks in a heterogeneous environment consisting of both Linux and Windows platforms. Red Hat also works towards optimization of existing infrastructure.

“We are currently at the early stages of the open hybrid cloud for enterprises. In the next few years, Red Hat together with our partners and customers will redefine IT with the open hybrid cloud using the open source development model,” concludes Labocki.