Red Hat Releases Big Data Product Enhancements for Better Decision Making

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Red Hat releases updates to its Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid. With further enhancements in the Big Data analytics solutions, organizations can make better informed decisions: network operators can launch new services faster based on location; social media can be better analyzed for emergency or security services; utilities providers can achieve more responsive monitoring.

“With tools like JBoss Data Virtualization and JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat can help enterprises unify and propel data in support of applications that are more responsive and aware,” said Mike Piechgeneral manager, Middleware, Red Hat.

JBoss Data Virtualization is a data integration solution that delivers the right data at the right time to any application or user in the required form achieving agile data utilization. JBoss Data Grid on the other hand enables developers to build reliable apps with greater performance and better availability at scale. Data grids are essentially in-memory distributed databases that deliver fast access to large volumes of data.

What’s New?
Red Hat JBoss Virtualization 6.1 includes: expanded range of integrated and supported data services including: Cloudera Impala, Apache Solr, and MariaDB; enhancements to development and deployment productivity capabilities; bi-directional read/write integration.

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.4 includes: availability of distributed and elastic scale for users to counter the slow speed of the traditional database; ability to detect changes to cluster entries, automatically self-heal; consistency during network partitions.