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Red Hat Signs Pact with Telefonica, Extends Solutions for Mobilizing Business Processes

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Phil Jordan, CIO, Telefónica

Phil Jordan, CIO, Telefónica

FREMONT, CA: A latest announcement has ensured Red Hat Mobile Application Platform as the global reference platform for operators within the Telefónica Group. Telefónica, the provider of wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market will help in mobilizing business processes for the customers walking on the lines of digital transformation. Red Hat provides open source solutions for businesses to leverage upon to meet their corporate demands.

Juan Manuel Moreno, Cloud Director, Telefónica Business Solutions extols, “Telefónica's decision to establish the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform as its reference platform for mobile development aligns with our strategy to deploy multitenant, multi-operator solutions based on open standards. Our aim is to help expand our ecosystem of application developers, enable them to reuse code and foster greater cooperation between Telefónica’s operators around the world.”

Since 2012, Telefónica has been leveraging the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform in some markets, thus fulfilling Telefonica’s Group Enterprise Managed Mobility proposition. This can be illustrated by the fact that the system furnishes user with an open, agile, and collaborative approach for developing, integrating, and deploying mobile applications. The noteworthy aspect about the integration is that Red Hat’s collaborative approach to mobile, combined with open standards-based technologies will facilitate greater mobile adoption and maturity. This in turn will also help reduce both costs and time to market.

“I would like to see the entire enterprise applications landscape mobilized fully and to have the capability to have core business applications driven from multiple platforms including smartphones and tablets. Many of the ‘traditional’ enterprise applications do not have a UI that is consistent with user demand and behavior,” exclaims Phil Jordan, CIO, Telefónica.

Companies, with an underlying aim of reinventing their business processes, automating existing processes, and mobilizing legacy web applications are investing significant amount of capital for mobile application development. Most of the organizations are relying on multi-tenant mobile platforms having open standards, and forming collaborative and strategic mobile centers of excellence (MCoEs) to match the rate of mobile evolution in enterprises. The initiative is simultaneously helping firms tackle issues such as security, scalability, and back-end integration.

“Mobile is increasingly finding its place as a catalyst for digital transformation in the enterprise as organizations seek to re-imagine and reinvigorate their business processes to more effectively engage their employees and customers. Telefónica is continuing to lead the way as a mobile operator in this market and we are excited to be a part of their journey,” says Cathal McGloin, Vice President, Mobile Platforms, Red Hat.