Redpoint and Kobie Signs a Pact; Delivers Loyalty Marketing and Customer Engagement Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Dale Renner, CEO and Founder, RedPoint Global

Dale Renner, CEO and Founder, RedPoint Global

WELLESLEY HILLS, MA: Most of the businesses today have to address the needs for innovative data management and marketing message orchestration. Addressing the same concern, RedPoint Global, a provider of data management and customer engagement technology, announced its partnership with Kobie Marketing, a loyalty marketing solutions provider. As a part of this latest deal, Kobie Marketing will be able to amplify the scope of their loyalty solutions, coupled with expansion in cross-channel campaign and data management capabilities. The industries most likely to rapidly adopt the solution include retail, banking, travel, hospitality, telecommunications, restaurant, and CPG industries.

Bram Hechtkopf, CEO, Kobie Marketing extols, “After exploring this opportunity in great detail, we are excited about this new partnership. Thanks to the combining of both companies’ thought leadership, technical capabilities and unparalleled experience in the data management and marketing arenas, we’ll be the frontrunners in loyalty data collection, accuracy and strategic implementation. Expect great innovations in the coming months.”

RedPoint has developed its own niche in creating customer profiles, empowering firms to gather the entire customer data needed to orchestrate in a precise one-to-one interaction with customers across any and all marketing channels. The Convergent Marketing Platform introduced by RedPoint Global offers access to structured and unstructured data, real-time analytics, and integrated cross-channel campaign management.

Kobie’s Alchemy loyalty and CRM “engine” brings into play sophisticated segmentation with complex configuration capabilities, and real-time loyalty processing speed. All these factors add up to Alchemy’s prowess in use of databases and loyalty program configuration tools, assisting to deliver enhanced and expanded business opportunities at every moment in the customer lifecycle.

Kobie Marketing’s solution help in delivering customer loyalty, retention and revenue growth, combined with a seamless customer loyalty experience. Dale Renner, CEO and Founder, RedPoint Global says, “RedPoint’s customer data platform (CDP) and orchestration application, integrated with Kobie’s Alchemy loyalty platform, provide a complete solution to organizations. Organizations looking to deliver the ultimate loyalty experience in conjunction with cross-channel campaign management to their customers will be excited about our new partnership.”