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Reduce Company Expenses using Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The looming issue that makes every enterprise to discuss is about the expense reduction. Even though it is quite challenging to attain cost reduction, yet many enterprises have noticed this as the goal to achieve. Fortunately, data analytics assist enterprises to cut-down the expenses in different ways.

Cut Fleet management expenses: Equipping Company vehicles with the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can provide management personnel details. The sensor data can even inform maintenance needs; this can help the enterprise to cut-down the cost associated with breakdowns. Relying on analytic data software can also reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emission in the vehicle.

Reduce instances of employee turnover: Professionals are familiar with the extensive cost related to employee onboarding. When it is possible to find out the poor employee before getting hired, it is feasible to increase the total expense. Data analytics will help in such a case. The analysis data could help in deriving the details about the employee, whether he/she is getting frustrated in the previous role or leaving for another opportunity.

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Manage and minimize indirect costs: The cost utterly related to the operation of the company is termed as an indirect cost. It is possible to save up to 25% of overall expenses by maintaining the indirect cost. The common categories that rely on indirect expenses include utilities, rents, and office supplies. It is impossible to reduce indirect costs without knowing the average amount spend on things each month. Data analytics takes-up this role and inform enterprises of most substantial indirect expense. It even provides some tips to cut down the cost on utility bills.

Shorten testing processes: Testing on target markets before launching new products is always practiced to avoid failure. Employing data analytics can perform this with less time, and it is economical too. 

Since it is hard to cut down the expenses in enterprises; these options can aid the professionals to understand the ways to reduce expenses using data analysis.

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