Reducing Cost of Solar Energy Management
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Reducing Cost of Solar Energy Management

By CIOReview | Monday, July 30, 2018

The introduction of bifacial solar panels has inspired utilities to dream for a brighter future where efficiency in services would be more. Generating power from sunlight that falls on front and back of a solar panel will pave the way towards solar energy’s cost-effectiveness. Driven by advanced technology, these bifacial panels would increase energy producing by 15 to 25 percent.

A utility developer, Canadian Solar recently announced that BiKu module; the first operational bifacial solar panel model would be more than 23 percent efficient in turning sun’s rays to electricity. With an aim to make sure that maximum energy could be sought out using these panels, researchers decided that all panels won’t be bifacial in a fully functioning solar cell house.

Put against the highly productive SunPower solar panels, Canadian Solar’s new product will outshine all other active solar panels in the market. Eventually, competitors will be able to replicate bifacial solar panel’s technology, but by that time older technologies would be out from the operation. Although the cost of installing bifacial solar panels is more than their traditional alternatives, the long-term benefits of installing the former are more than justifiable.Bifacial solar panels would reduce the costs of long-term energy tech projects. Doing so, industries would trump over fossil fuel cost throughout the globe.

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