Reduxio Raises the Bar for Application Recovery with Advanced Hybrid Tiered Flash Device

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Data recovery has mattered ever since businesses started relying on PCs in the workplace. Today's common storage option provides best data backup practices, but it's unlikely for a small business to have the infrastructure to keep its data perfectly synchronized. To help small businesses be prepared for data disaster event, Reduxio has introduced the first of its next generation enterprise storage solutions, the Reduxio HX 550 Flash Hybrid storage system.

The storage solution significantly reduces the cost of high performance enterprise storage with   advanced application management and recovery tools known as BackDating. The software helps in eliminating snapshots, simplifying deployment process, provisioning and also management of storage.

“Systems limited to committing data writes to a single media type are far too unwieldy and/or expensive,” says Mark Weiner, CEO and Co-Founder, Reduxio. “The power of Reduxio's Flash Hybrid architecture is its ability to prioritize a customer's most important data and commit to the most appropriated media.”

The hybrid storage system provides IT managers and storage administrators flash performance while at the same time providing the necessary capacity. This offers the users, a consolidation of flash and disk drives to deliver the most cost effective flash storage solution. It further allows to combine applications to a system that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and allows application recovery within fractions of second.

The flash hybrid systems are based on the lines of Reduxio TimeOS, which follows the core of revolutionary new metadata architecture that tracks all input/output (IO) operations to the storage and free volumes from the bounds of physical storage.

The TimeOS enables HX550 with BackDating features having the ability to recover data infinitely to any second in the history of a volume, eliminating the need to plan, manage or set snapshot schedules or consistency groups.

Reduxio is currently demonstrating this hybrid storage array offering at VMworld virtualization and cloud computing conference, where it was initially released.