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Re-imagine Your World with AR

By CIOReview | Monday, February 26, 2018

We as humans have always tried to experience things in sizes larger than life and technology has only fueled this drive. We’ve created amusement parks, motion pictures, animations, 3D movies and finally today we are on the cusp of what could forever change the way we interact with the world around us. People today experience a reality which transcends the very fabric of the world around us, an augmented reality. Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept that seeks to superimpose computer-generated graphics and visualizations on the world around us, adding visual, audio, and haptic feedback to it. Science is constantly blurring the line between actual and perceived reality.

AR is a technology that combines visual feedback, GPS, and the online repository of data to help users experience a different level of reality. AR devices are expected to become as simplified as a pair of glasses which will allow users to see much more than what meets the eye. With this technology, people can view all kinds of information about the places around them, interact with them in certain ways, and even add their own perceptions to these places. The video game industry is rapidly adopting this technology to create the next level of the gaming experience for its users. Pokemon Go is the perfect example of the industry’s experimentation and success with AR.

Layar, an AR application allows smartphone users to view information regarding their surroundings such as restaurants and companies, to find out, say any restaurant’s ratings or if hiring is going on in any office in a building. The scope of the AR technology extends to governmental entities as well. One company, Arcane Technologies has provided the US military with headsets that allow blueprints and satellite images to be displayed in the soldier’s vision directly.

While this concept could redefine our world, it faces a lot of roadblocks before it can be deemed perfect. Improved GPS tracking and faster image processing is the key to creating a seamless AR experience. Nevertheless, augmented reality presents us with an opportunity to re-engineer the world around us.