Reimagining Child Support System with Next-Generation SaaS Platform

Reimagining Child Support System with Next-Generation SaaS Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Punit Renjen, CEO

Punit Renjen, CEO

Powered by modernized technology, Deloitte contributes to supporting government and agencies in child support programs.  

FREMONT, CA: Deloitte launches a child support case management system, built on a next-generation Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The newly introduced solution offers deep functionalities from various past learning experiences of child support systems. Dedicated mobile applications allow families and parents to access their cases directly and view information, make secure payments, and upload documents, helping in improvising the modern user experience. 

The SaaS-based use case provides a functional structure to the child support agencies for better customer service delivery. It enables the collaborations of models and applications digitally to manage the engagements, rewards, and enforce productive behaviors efficiently. The data-driven process facilities related to federal performance incentive programs ensure the budgets with federal funding requirements. The company’s pre-programmed child support features and configurations allow quick implementations as well.   

As the latest application allows offline access by the caseworkers, its approach is more customer-centric. The integrated workflow and management allow focusing more on impactful case actions in lesser time. The advanced data integrations and analytical services help to study valuable insights and actionable recommendations for the supervisors of particular cases. Innovation provider on the Salesforce Platform dedicates the launched application to help the organizations for improving their engagement with customers at the operational level. The cloud-based solution for both the government and private institutions brings in digital, mobile, and multi-channel experiences to meet the customer demands and expectations in the digital era.

Leveraging the digital transformation of the clients, Deloitte re-imagines a computational program based on SAP and Cloud Platform proficiencies, which includes machine learning, blockchain, and Internet of Thing (IoT). “Under the Reimagine banner, Deloitte markets three solutions- Cold Chain, Risk Sensing, and Goods Receipt/ Invoice Receipt (GRIR),” states Punit Renjen, the CEO of Deloitte. Deloitte ranks among the Top 10 Most Promising SAP Consulting/Services Companies by CIOReview for reshaping the work pattern across the industry sectors and marketplaces, offering long-lasting and effective results with public trust. 

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