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Re-imagining the M&E Sector

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summary: The marketing industry is on the verge of a breakthrough by providing customers with ultra-customizable products. Personalization to minuscule levels have helped online stores reach out to the doorsteps to supply their consumers the most desirable goods.

FREMONT, CA: A personalized buying experience gives e-commerce websites an upper hand. Businesses have been in quest of finding ways to make their clients feel welcome. Companies need to know and anticipate their customers’ wants and requirements to provide the smoothest shopping experience achievable. When customers feel like they have been treated well, they tend toward purchasing more goods and sanctioning the provider with repeatable business opportunities.

Research and examination from Deloitte found that one in every four consumers is eager to pay more for a more personalized product. In this era of instantaneous gratification, where customers want everything at their doorsteps when they want it, and they allocate greater value to customized goods as opposed to something mass-produced. The more customers come across personalization in their shopping experiences, the more they anticipate it every time they pay a visit to any e-commerce site.

Customers have come to anticipate exclusive and tailored experiences with brands every time they come across them―whether online, in-store, or mobile devices. The multitude of alternatives available to today’s customers allows them to pick from myriad vendors and look at countless products online. Still, while the enormous number of product options seems advantageous, it can ultimately result in blockades in customers’ capacity to make a selected decision, also known as ‘choice overload’.

The more omnipresent customization becomes, the more consumers will incline toward evaluating companies by the degree of personalization they provide at every step of the way in their shopping experiences.

As citizens are about to embark on this new epoch of e-commerce, where customer expectations are rising day by day, enterprises have an opportunity to stay ahead of the race by providing an in-store personalized experience online. Whether by assisting customers with product detection or by conveying proactive support, it is that these types of services that help organizations make the most of the short time they have with their marketers.