Relevance of Cyber Security Strategy for Businesses
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Relevance of Cyber Security Strategy for Businesses

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Security threats to government bodies and companies have been escalating. FBI has been receiving a record amount of complaints with billions of losses reported over the past couple of years.

FREMONT, CA: Digital space is always vulnerable to cybercrimes. But even when the digital transformation has taken over the world, there are businesses who consider themselves too small of a target. In reality, they are easy targets and are often victims of cyber-attacks. Considering the rate of crimes reported, it is high time businesses (big or small) build strong defenses against cyber terrorists.

That being said, it might be overwhelming to see the scope of current day’s cyber-attacks. Nonetheless, it is crucial to understand the essentials of a computer and a network and employ the best services.

No matter the size of the business, the intensity of losing data unexpectedly will be the same for a small business as well as for an established one. There are certain steps followed by businesses to implement a good cybersecurity strategy. As the first step, it is important to keep an inventory of all physical and cyber assets and understand their vulnerabilities. It can also include all network-connected devices like smartphones and IoT. Secondly, creating a cyber-defense using encrypted data, two-factor authentication, and network firewalls. Investing in real-time monitoring can also help to an extent. In addition, assembling a blue team for taking immediate action when under attack is equally important. Lastly, providing proper cybersecurity training to the workforce can help in identifying threats and avoiding situations leading to them.

As technology continues to grow, so do the crimes associated with it. No matter the size, every business is vulnerable and should be cautious as they are dealing with sensitive customer data. Implementing current preventive measures can altogether avoid or reduce the intensity of the attacks. Going forward, there will be more powerful ways to control cyber-crimes and their intensity.