Reltio Releases Reltio 2016.1 to Revamp Modern Data Management

By CIOReview | Friday, March 18, 2016

REDWOOD SHORES, CA: Reltio, an enterprise data-driven application and modern data management platform as-a-service company (PaaS) solution has introduced Reltio Cloud 2016.1 for the commercial availability. The platform delivers an enterprise data driven applications with reliable master data, relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions. Reltio Cloud 2016.1 has revved up updates to its analytics services, collaboration, and recommendation capabilities to accelerate the work process for the clients across the enterprise.

Reltio Cloud guides its customers to take the right actions, based on the right insights, to achieve the right results.  The firm provides agile and closed-loop predictive analytics by seamlessly connecting data- managed within Reltio cloud, to Apache Spark. Reltio also collaborates with Databricks to streamline the on-demand access to Apache spark. The solution elevates the functioning speed through faster correlation of accurate, up-to-date transaction data from multiple sources. It offers simplicity and unfolds flexibility through automatic update of business changing models.             

The key advantage of Reltio Cloud 2016.1 allows users to create their own business workflows and customizing data change workflows through visual workflow modeler. It also improves collaboration with any level including individual attributes, allowing teams to discuss and resolve the issue faster. The solution aims at improving client relationship to develop better understanding of customers, accounts or products within the Reltio commercial Graph. Additionally the platform offers users a custom search facility by matching rules and operational values, thereby providing a robust productivity and effectiveness of both data stewards and frontline business.

“We continue to bridge the divide between analytical insights and operational execution. Reltio Insights delivers faster correlation between accurate profiles, relationships and transactions, enabling companies to realize the true value of their data,” said Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, Vice President of Platform Product Management, Reltio.