Relus Discover and Motion Set to Simplify Migration to Cloud

By CIOReview | Friday, March 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises are no longer caught up in the grueling IT processes, thanks to cloud computing, the internet powered on-demand delivery of IT infrastructure and applications with pay-as-you-go pricing. But still it poses many challenges that need to be addressed at the earliest.  

To make facing these concerns easier, Relus Technologies, has rolled out for its clients an automated and secure solution with no downtime and no disruption. It offers a two step approach for migrating to the cloud– Discovery (Relus Vision) and Migration (Relus Motion).

Relus Vision, cost effective nonintrusive platform helps in discovery; the first stage that includes eliminating the hurdles like knowledge gaps that raises risk in transformational IT projects, lack of subject matter expertise, inaccuracies and partial execution, and underestimation of time frame for delaying deadlines.

Matt Whitney in the company blog writes that the automated, agentless service blueprints the complete IT environment and collects a snapshot of the OS, IP address and host name inventory. It brings about visibility into the application communication cascades inside the enterprise. There is also the provision to choose from the SaaS or on-premise deployment option, as well as a flexible deployment model that allows users to deploy inside and outside of client firewalls in both fully managed and self-service models based on the client requirements. Also it does not entail packet sniffing, port scanning or traffic interrogation.  

Relus carries out the workload migration for small businesses to large-scale data centers with the help of Clone; swiftly, efficiently and effectively. It overcomes the major concerns like server platforms, OS types and applications, bandwidth constraints, security, and lack of subject matter expertise. It reduces the chances of human error and extended downtime, and saving enterprises a lot of money.

Relus Motion supported on Linux and Windows, allows users to move and auto-provision bulk enterprise workloads straight away to a physical machine, cloud or hypervisor with 80 percent speed. It also enables direct Integration into AWS VPC and the ATAmotion provides automation in-flight OS upgrades.