Remote Office Monitoring and Management
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Remote Office Monitoring and Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Today, at many organizations, the network that connects headquarters to remote offices/ branch offices (ROBOs) has become crucial to maintaining smooth, uninterrupted business operations. The network plays an essential role. Traditional data center technologies, including SD-WANs, HCI, virtual backup, and recovery devices for disasters, often support remote and branch offices. For remote offices, business continuity requires reliable, secure, and rapid connectivity.

Advances in networking and virtualization of software enable a wide range of network functions to be packaged on a unified platform. The software-defined branch simplifies network operations by consolidating WAN connectivity-software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and routing-network security, LAN and Wi-Fi in a unified, easily deployed, and managed platform.

ROBO operation is an area where the right hyper-converged infrastructure solution can transform the environment completely and manage the environment. The overall results can be lower costs, better efficiency, and better overall recovery capabilities for disasters. Each site becomes a mirror of others when it comes to hardware support, thereby streamlining the support applications. Such an architecture rejects the need for dedicated technical personnel in each industry.

The way backup works also contributes to technological trends in remote office/branch offices. A secretary used to be responsible for changing tapes, and a failure would occur at some point. Tjos can now be avoided with virtual backup and disaster recovery devices which replicate data to the cloud or a centralized backup infrastructure overnight, keeping track of changes. Thus, the admin can quickly upload the data without large amounts of infrastructure to support it. Once the data is safe at a remote location, the admin can restore the data as and where required with minimal effort.

Cloud-first data protection methods provide a solution to this problem. As more data shifts to the edge of the business, data protection services based on the cloud can ensure that important data are detected, analyzed, and stored in a cost-effective and compliant way.

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