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Renewable Energy Challenges can be Addressed through IOT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Richard V. Baxter, Jr., Co- Founder, President and CEO, Mesh Systems

Richard V. Baxter, Jr., Co- Founder, President and CEO, Mesh Systems

Carmel, IN: Mesh Systems, a firm specialized in bandwidth management, has collaborated with Steffes Corporation in order to bring out advanced work in the area of distributed energy and grid integrations. Today’s energy industry around the globe is devising methods to reduce consumption of renewable energy and its sources in order to save costs and balance utility load. However, many times massive fluctuations in the power load can cause huge damages to the grid in turn affecting consumers.

In order to address this issue, Mesh Systems, join hands with Steffes Corporation to create a regional, fast-response storage asset from a distributed network of water heaters. Mesh Systems has significant expertise across IoT sphere and has assisted many companies with enhanced delivery of smart products and services that connect people, devices and data to work together in harmony. “Mesh Systems helps our clients disrupt their industries by delivering complete smart products to market faster with greater scale and reliability than ever imagined,” states Richard Baxter, President and CEO, Mesh Systems.

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One such industry application is the smart energy solution that combines devices, network connectivity, and cloud based services into a system in order to facilitate the production, consumption and storage of energy. Mesh Systems employed their IoT smart energy technology and helped Steffes build the Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS). “Mesh Systems is very optimistic about the IoT industry and we see how IoT can transform the companies as this technology becomes an integral part of every future product,” remarks Baxter. It is a less known fact that the grid has to operate within a very small window to remain stable at about 60 hertz. “The power grid system is fine-tuning most of the time by throttling generators up or down as variable energy generation is added to this system,” says Kelly Murphy, Business Development Specialist at Steffes. “And that’s where we are discovering how difficult it is to balance these existing and new generations from renewables, and the unpredictable part of demand.”

As per the International Energy Outlook 2016 report, renewables are now the world's fastest-growing energy source and are expected to increase by 2.6 percent per year through 2040. The study has revealed by 2040, coal, natural gas and renewable energy sources will provide roughly equal shares (28 percent-29 percent) of world electricity generation.

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