Rently Self-Guided Tours Now Available On Apartments.Com
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Rently Self-Guided Tours Now Available On Apartments.Com

CIOReview | Monday, July 11, 2022

Innovative Technology Integration Allows Renters to Seamlessly Self-Tour Properties 

LOS ANGELES and CAMARILLO, Calif.- Rently, the leader in self touring and smart home technology, announces a platform integration partnership with Renters can now schedule self-guided tours without leaving the website and instantly tour properties powered by Rently smart home technology solutions. recently released data showing a 63% increase in renters who prefer self-guided touring options. Due to preferences for scheduling viewings during non-regular business hours and a desire for on-demand service, renters increasingly want to tour properties independently, without a manager or agent present.

 By connecting renters' mobile devices with Rently's smart home technology, traditional property tours are easily transformed into secure self-guided tours.

"We believe the process of finding a new apartment should be made easy for renters and efficient for real estate operators," said Rently CEO Merrick Lackner. "With our patented self-guided touring technology, Rently streamlines rental property viewing, increases overall property touring traffic by 25%, and reduces time on market by 75%."

Lackner continued, "By integrating our self-touring platform with, a leader in rental property search, we are creating new property viewing options for renters and accelerating leasing cycles for managers. And, once renters move in, the same smart home technology they used for touring will be there for them to enjoy as residents." 

Visit Rently at NAA's Apartmentalize 2022 (Booth 2905) and join our special events to speak to a company representative.

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