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Replacing the Digital Signage Network

By CIOReview | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA – The rapid transformation of technology is giving the retailers and franchises a run for their money. Keeping pace with the changing trends of technology, content, and features, the retailers are required to replace their digital signage network every three years upon the expiry of equipment warranty. Like every other technology, digital signage is prone to get outdated, suffering in performance, and results.

Digital signage gives optimal results when it is brand new, but as the technology and trends change, the retailers will need to update their products and promotions, and with them, the digital signage network. Failing to do so not only brings an outdated image to the retailer store, but it also fails to attract customers. 

Along with the replacement of the digital signage network, constant updating of content is also necessary. The only way of catching the attention of customers is by engaging them with trending and relevant content. Robust digital signage networks are vital in remotely updating digital signage with the latest content and applications.

The upgrading of digital signage networks can assist the retailers in offering up-to-date content to the consumers, including the latest technological developments such as self-service kiosks and weather-based menu boards incorporated into the networks. However, the replacement of digital signage every three years cannot be afforded by every retailer and franchise. Also, it is almost impossible to get outdated equipment back up to speed.

Instead of laying aside vast sums of money to purchase a new digital signage network every three years, the retailers can finance their technology investments to maintain an even cash flow. An effective cash flow management can also assist organizations in acquiring the latest technology every three years.

The finance technology solutions offered by rental financial organizations can help in simplifying the business management and streamline the replacement and disposal tactics of the retailers. As an added benefit, rental finance for technology investments is non-taxable.

Considering all these factors, it is advisable for retailers and franchises to replace the digital signage equipment every three years. Instead of compromising the revenue, retailers can choose one of the many rental options for their digital signage needs.

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