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Re-Scripting Agricultural Industry with Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The growing population's need for food might exceed its food supply in the future. Food availability needs increasing agricultural productivity through technology and innovation. The agricultural innovation started with green revolution is now undergoing a fourth agricultural revolution driven by advancements in smart technology. Technology has turned agriculture into a real business. The use of technology in agriculture include

• Soil and crop sensors which can analyze plant health, nitrogen levels in the soil and water needs of the plant. They allow more precise field modeling which is a valuable risk management tool. For instance, soil moisture sensors which measure soil moisture and temperature to understand conditions at planting.

• Aerial drones which can provide a detailed picture of the crop. This can point out plant diseases, insects or a lack of water.

• Farm management systems play an important role in improving farm activities. It can aid in planning, monitoring and tracking all farm activities and input usage.

• Hyper precision technologies allow navigation, prescription, application, location and other data to be transferred easily from and to farming machinery.


Merits of Technology In Agriculture

A few years back the survival of agricultural industry was critical, but now the situation has changed with the new developments in the industry aided by technology. Areas like productivity, cost, and labor have been highly improved with the help of technology. The advantages of technology in farming includes

• Control the effort of farmers through the machinery

• Reduces the production time

• Crop management

• Increased productivity

• Chemical pest control

• Reduces the impact on the ecosystem

Disadvantages of Technology In Agriculture

Although the modern technologies are used to benefit crop production, they come at the cost of negative impact. The negative impacts of agriculture aided with technology are the following.

• Excessive use of machines and chemical reduces soil fertility

• Lack of practical knowledge for handling farming machinery

• Manual programming

• High maintenance cost of machinery

It is easier to farm with new technologies, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. These factors must be taken into account at the time of implementation.

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