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Research Highlights Opportunities in Health Systems to Enhance Revenue and Bridge Gaps

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019
Robert Chamberlain, Chairman & CEO

Robert Chamberlain, Chairman & CEO

A recent data accumulated by Applied Health Analytics reveals that about 31 percent of American citizens, who are commercially insured, are without a primary care physician. The scenario indicates high possibilities of investment in primary healthcare.

Fremont, CA:  Applied Health Analytics LLC is a leading provider of best-fit analytics, consulting services, and technology to the health systems across the U.S to support population health and extend value-based care. Further, the firm provides opportunities to the healthcare sector to drive revenue and enhance commercial share by utilizing available resources.

A recent survey by this enterprise has revealed that there is an increased possibility of investments in healthcare as a large percentage of people do not actively take the services of a primary medical professional. However, the survey also indicated the interest to leverage the benefits of primary healthcare.

This indicates immense opportunities for connecting insured customers with investments in primary health across the U.S. to drive market share and revenue growth. For instance, a single referral is worth $1,467. There have to be more screening practices. Biometric health screening often takes place across organizations. However, most of the time, the process doesn’t get beyond this stage. The results of the health analysis of employees should be leveraged to reveal high-risk employees and connect them with the necessary healthcare. Health systems that consider onsite screenings as a strategy for growth can earn about $117,632 per about a hundred employees who underwent screening.

“We position the health system as the preferred provider of population health initiatives for the commercial market,” says Robert Chamberlain, President and CEO, Applied Health Analytics. Applied Health Analytics was featured by CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers 2017.

In theory, people health management looks easy. However, practically, there are plenty of changes to be brought in at the fundamental level. For instance, individuals should be provided with more opportunities to understand their health risks and find out ways to bring in behavioral changes to facilitate this. Biometric screenings coupled with health risk analysis leads to greater possibilities to associate individual health requirements with the health system resources.

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